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Welcome to Key Talent Solutions. We provide people-oriented solutions for your business challenges. Unlock your potential today!

We believe that each individual is filled with potential. Envision a world where each person maximizes their individual potential, and also groups of people come together and through their combined skills, education, and experiences maximize their organizational potential. That’s a world we want to live in, and the world we are working to create. We believe in focusing on what is possible, and recognizing that there are multiple paths to move forward. Let us help you find your path.

Team Cohesion

    The biggest predictor of organizational performance is the performance of the executive team. Get aligned and watch your team excel.

Executive Coaching

    We all get in our own way. Figure out how you are holding yourself back to unlock your potential to be the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Leadership Development


 Leadership and self-awareness are things to continuously practice, just as one would practice yoga, meditation, medicine, or law. Practice leadership.

What Is The Human Element?  

What Our Clients Say

“I hired Laura to help prepare our team for 10x scalability by increasing team cohesion. She helped our team build trust, improve communication, and align around a common strategy to achieve our future vision that still guides us today. Also, as a CEO of a company experiencing massive growth, I’m so grateful to have a better understanding of how my own thoughts and feelings drive my behavior and my decisions. Even though crazy and amazing things continue to happen around me, I feel more confident and grounded, and I thank Laura for her contribution to that!”

–Suneera Madhani, CEO, Fattmerchant

“We hired Laura to help us when it felt like our whole company might break down because we couldn’t communicate effectively enough. She came in as a teacher, mentor and facilitator to help us identify the lapses in our communication and gave us tools to work through the hardest conversations so we could actually get results, make decisions and move the company forward. She is an expert in understanding people, what makes them tick, how to communicate better and have healthier interactions. If you are a CEO who is passionate about what you do, and you’re seeing how communication issues on your team are holding you back – don’t wait – work with her now to get your team aligned and have productive conversations with your executive team.”

–Terrence Donnelly, CEO, Teeps

“[The best part was the] creation of an environment where each individual felt comfortable describing their own weaknesses. This same environment allowed each member of the team to receive and accept constructive criticism from other team members.”

–Tony Thornton, President, Turbine Technology Services

“Laura and team continue to amaze me with every interaction we have with them. They’ve helped me be a more effective and better leader. I would highly recommend KTS to any organization that cares about improving culture and leadership.”

– Joseph Perez, Director of Support at Code School

“What is most striking about workshops with KTS is the seemingly effortless way in which they facilitate and guide the learning experience. No matter how dynamic the agenda, the KTS team has the adaptability and flexibility to guide us through self-discovery while still driving us toward our objectives. With a full palate of challenges to tackle, there is no better process for us to achieve our goals.Having the opportunity to work with their team and effect so much positive change in our organization is one of my favorite parts of my job.”

– Aaron LeClair, Director of Operations, UniKey

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Create your competitive advantage by reducing defensiveness, increasing adaptability, and fostering resilience. In a world of non-stop change and craziness, this workshop gives you the knowledge, skills, and awareness to feel in control.
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