Customized and people-oriented solutions

for your business challenges.

Welcome to Key Talent Solutions. We provide customized and people-oriented solutions for your business challenges. Unlock your potential today!

We believe that each individual is filled with potential. Envision a world where each person maximizes their individual potential, and also groups of people come together and through their combined skills, education, and experiences maximize their organizational potential. That’s a world we want to live in, and the world we are working to create. We believe in focusing on what is possible, and recognizing that there are multiple paths to move forward. Let us help you find your path.

Team Evaluation

    We tailor these assessments in order to address questions and provide the information we need to plan your TEAM.

Business Coaching

    Whether it’s an individual identified as high-potential through a structured succession management process.

Leadership Development


Maximize the potential of your leaders by developing them through executive coaching and assessments.

What Our Clients Say

“Key Talent Solutions is an amazing organization that has helped me grow as a leader in addition to ensuring our leadership team is providing the optimum environment at our organization”

–MK, Marketing Director

“Laura has been extremely helpful to my business.  She has helped us come up with some new strategies for our business.  The coaching has been essential and we will definitely continue to use her.”

– Adam Schwartz, Founder, FreshETech

“I love it when events such as these give you the meat with a dash of sauce to spice things up a bit. To no surprise, Laura did an amazing job of facilitating the group. It was intimate, informative, and I walked out of there with so much, yet I still want more”

– Cesar A., User Experience Strategist